Monday, 2 May 2016

10 Stay at Home Date Ideas

Wanted to hang out with your significant other but rain became the spoiler? Or going out would become a bit heavy on your pocket? Here are some amazing indoor date ideas that will ensure you and your partner some pretty good time.

1. Watch a Movie


Rent or download a movie that matches both of your tastes. Make some popcorn, dim the lights and hop on a comfortable couch with your partner. Sounds simple but turns out to be a really romantic one.
P.S-Don’t forget the blanket!

2. Cook Together


If both of you are into cooking then you can always share your recipes and make a wonderful meal for yourselves. This can also work if just one of you knows cooking, you can always ask the other to help you and teach him/her in turn. If none of either knows cooking then browse some recipes from magazines, pick one and get adventurous in the kitchen.

3. Play Video Games


If you are into video games then you are sure to have a great time with each other. Play as a team or challenge each other in the game. Once you try this, you are sure to want it often.

4. Stargazing


if it’s a starry evening or night then stargazing can be a very romantic date. Order some food, get a blanket and go to the rooftop of your house or building. Spend the time talking to each other and gazing at the stars. Always been my favourite!
P.S- if there is a telescope in your house or if you can get hold of one( rent or borrow) then go for it.

5. Play Board Games, Finish with a Game of Truth and Dare


Order some pizza,, chilled beers and settle with some board games like monopoly, twister, scribble, etc. finish with a game of truth and dare.
P.S- Got too boring? Spice things up in the dare and eventually get in a game of naked twister. ;-

6. Music Night


Simply tune in your favourite music and enjoy them with food and wine together. If you play any instruments, then take them out and play to your significant other. Eventually turn it into a karaoke night.

7. Have a Candlelight Dinner at Home


Cook some of your delicious recipes or order from your favourite places. Make a romantic setup with dim lights and candles, take out those dinner wares and have a romantic candlelight dinner.
P.S- Surprise him/her by keeping it secret and slipping an invitation beforehand.

8. Put a DIY Photoshoot & Collage


Go down the memory lane and gather old pictures of you and take some more with your tripod and camera in various poses and places. Make it a fun photo session, later put it up in a collage and frame it.

9. Home Spa


Get a home DIY spa kit and give each other relaxing messages. Works as a cheap yet effective stress releasing therapy. Use some aromatic candles and dim lights to set the right mood.

10. Theme Night


plan the whole evening around the theme of a movie or a place. For Example- if your theme is Italy, then cook some Italian food and watch Italian movies. If it’s themed on a move then dress like the characters and cook their favourites.

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