Friday, 27 May 2016

Signs That Your Relationship is Becoming a Bumpy Ride

Instability is the most common trait in relationships or marriages. While the risk of failure in relationships have surged to a hefty
percentage in the past few years, there have been a rise in the studies and researches on this field. The divorce rates have been recorded to be 48% in Australia, 48% in Canada, 55% in France, 47% in U.K and 53% in U.S.
The divorce or separation is undoubtedly the hardest thing for a couple to deal with, but there are ways you can prevent the breakdown by observing the traits beforehand and then taking preventive measures or consulting a therapist. Here are signs that indicate that your relationship is headed for a bumpy ride. 

1.  Flaws are the only thing you notice



Maybe he/she gave you a beautiful present, or made a gesture to impress you, but all you see is the things that he/she didn't do. No matter what, it gets impossible for you to take your mind off the particular flaw, be it little or big!

You might also find yourself comparing your relationship with every other perfect one you know and trying to find their traits in your partner. Dear, you need to let this one go! The grass might always feel greener on the other side. But, everyone has a unique story to tell which might be filled with flaws, and, that is what makes it so unique and special.


2. You feel alone every now and then


It's a weekend and both of you are spending time with each other. Still, you feel alone or have a constant feeling that something is missing.

This is a very alarming feeling which you should talk about immediately with your partner. Either you need to work or you need to leave!


3. Sleeping on it feels better than talking about it


 There may have been things about your partner that you didn't like, or something he/she did the other day, got you very upset. Yet, going up to him/her and talking about it feels a lot of drama to take! You forget it and let it accumulate with similar incidents day after day.

This is a very unhealthy sign in any relationship. You should always talk about it with your partner no matter how bad it seems. 


4. Suddenly you start finding interest in an ex


This is a sign of lack of attention in your present relationship. If your partner is negligent to you in any manner then you might start craving for the affections and attentions in  your previous relationship. Thus, will result in rediscovering new interests towards your ex, or, you might start looking for the next one!


5. You keep yourself busy with work



Your relationship is already going through a rough path where a lot of things are going wrong. Something inside you tells you that this might not last. But, another broken relationship is the thing you want to avoid, so you forget about it and keep yourself busy with work.

This might stop an immediate break up, but you are inviting more depression and trouble in the long run. It's always important to have that talk as early as possible if situations arise. 


6. You start keeping secrets from each other


You have no idea about what goes on in your lives, you both do your work, chores in the house and go to sleep. There remains many things unspoken and unshared which go on to be secrets between you two.

Your significant other is supposed to be your partner in everything good or bad. You might have different professions, you don't have to share what goes on at work. But, you should always share your every other problems and joys with your partner!


7.  SEX- Either it is the only thing that binds or there is nothing


Sex can tell a lot about a couple and whether there is any problem they are facing in the relationship. Ask yourself, do you now everything about your partner outside your bedroom? The answer you get is an eye opener.

If there is nothing but sex in your relationship then it is not at all a healthy one. And you should try to develop deeper emotional connections and stat knowing each other if you want it to last.

Again, if there has been a dry spell since a long time then the rough path gets tougher. Sex helps in relaxing and soothing stress. So, when things get bad in between you two and sex hasn't been in the cards for a long time, then give yourselves a getaway.


8.  Lack of emotional Intimacy



If you feel unwanted or alone or misunderstood in your relationship, then, it is a sign of an unhealthy one. Your partner is supposed to be your closest friend. You both should have emotional intimacy to be comfortable and feel secure in the relationship.

Try to make efforts to know and understand your partner. Emotional intimacy may take time to grow,but once you get it, you will be more stable than you can imagine. 


9. Jealousy and lack of healthy competition


This is more noticed in couples of the same age. If one partner is more successful and earns more than the other, then there are cases where the other partner feels insecure or jealous. This leads to conflicts at home and an unhealthy competition between the partners.

It may happen that your partner earns more than you or is more successful. But that should work as an inspiration for you. You should always be happy for him/her and support him/her. 


  10. The blame game never settles



You never stop blaming each other for every issue. Be it over the wrong seat in the movies, or burnt cookies in the kitchen. The blames never stop and in turn, give rise to bigger fights.

 Nobody said it is going to be perfect and easy all the time. Help each other, and even if, a little mistake happens, solve it together. A relationship is all about the teamwork of two. You will be amazed to see the wonders little forgiveness and understanding can do.


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