Monday, 2 May 2016

Things You Should Never Do After Breakup

1. Don’t starve:


Well, it’s true that you broke up with someone. You are devastated,
mentally broken, but please don’t stop taking foods. Nobody cares whether you eat or not. Nobody gives a damn. So don’t ruin your health. Pay a little more attention to yourself from now on.

2. Don’t cry so much:


Most of the people spend their post breakup days just by crying their ass out. But hey, C’mon, take a day out, try to be strong and independent. You are overwhelmed with emotions, but try to control yourself. Don’t cry.It’s not going to help you to make things better. Stand on your feet and show the world that no one can break you.

3. Don’t call him/her and beg him/her to patch up:


Never ever call him/her back after break up. Hold your dignity and
don’t lose your self-respect. If its true love, you don’t need to do anything, he/she will be back to you naturally. Never beg him/her to make things alright. Because when you beg for it, it can never be alright ever again. So do consider preserving your dignity over a piece of worthless thing.

4. Don’t be revengeful:


We know that your partner made a great mistake by messing up with you. He/she had no idea who he/she was dealing with. And now you think that it’s your turn to ruin your ex. But please, don’t waste your time. Don’t give your ex that much importance in your life. Learn to think about yourself. Learn to think what is best for you. So just leave your past behind and concentrate on your life.

5. Don’t lose your mind:


We know that after break up you are mentally unstable and emotionally vulnerable. But please don’t lose your mind in any condition.Just don’t go to a bar and drink until you pass out or don’t get addicted to weeds or cigars. Don’t hook up with random people or get laid. C’mon, hold yourself. Don’t do any such thing so that you are going to regret later. It’s your life and it’s already disturbed by your ex. So don’t make it worse.

6. Don’t start a new relationship right away:


I think you learned your lesson that what a wrong relationship can do to a person. So please think carefully before getting to a new relationship. Don’t make any more mistakes. Don’t play with your life. Wait for true love, wait for the right person so that you’ll never have to go through these stages again.

7. Don’t stalk:


We know that may be you still miss your ex. May be you still have

some feelings left for your ex. But please don’t be a stalker on facebook or whatsapp. Don’t make a fake account to keep an eye on him/her. That person has left you and has already moved on. So now it’s your turn. Move on in your life. Concentrate on your career. Concentrate on your life. And believe us, it’s better that you are not with that person anymore. Everything is going to be alright from now on.

8. Don’t think that it’s the end of the world:


Your one failed relationship is not the end of the world. Life is lot more than that. Now you have some more time for yourself. And use that time for something constructive. Open your eyes. Look at the outside world. There are so many things going on without your knowledge. And you’ll be amazed that what a fool you were to think there was no more than your past relationship. So think again.

9. Don’t misbehave with your friends and family:


You think people won’t understand your situation, what you are going through. Well, yes, people don’t, but think about your friends and family. They are worried for you. And they understand what you are going through. Talk to them, spend more time with them and share your feelings. And believe us, you’ll feel lot better. So don’t misbehave with them rather welcome them in your life and feel proud that you have them with you.

10. Don’t give up on yourself:


You think you are not good enough? Or your life is finished? Nothing good is going to happen to you? But hold on, try to realize that you are still the same person underneath. And you are beautiful and amazing. And now you still can do some extraordinary things you’d have never imagined. So don’t give up. You just got saved from a lifetime nightmare. So feel free and enjoy your life.

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  1. I discovered the secrets of winning an ex back by reading several blogs and articles, but I never tried playing tricks to save the relationship and I wanted to be honest, and my genuine feelings were conveyed easily through my behaviour. I am happy that I haven’t lost my love and we are still living together.