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Top 10 performances of Tom Hanks

Hollywood has been blessed with so many great actors over the years. And Tom Hanks is often considered to be one of the best actors of all time. Being a very humble person
he is a greatly respected person among the actors, directors and film makers. Here we are not going to talk about his store house of achievements, rather we would like to concentrate on some great performances by the great man. Here is our list of his top 10 performances in motion pictures.

10. Catch Me If you Can

 "Catch Me If You Can" is the movie where Tom Hanks played the role of a an FBI bank fraud agent, Carl Hanratty, who was tracking Frank Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio). Frank  is a con man who poses as a pilot, doctor and lawyer and cashes forged cheques worth millions before his 21st birthday. The story was inspired by true events and  Tom Hanks actually played a real life character. And he pulled it off perfectly. There was a contrast in his character. As an FBI agent he was chasing Frank, but he had a strange sympathy for the poor teen. He helped frank to have a normal life outside prison where he could use his talent. Tom Hanks handled the situation with a great manner and took the movie to a different level. So no wonder his performance in this movie made to this list.

9. Road to Perdition


This is an another example where Tom Hanks portrayed the duality of his character superbly.  He was a hit man who was on the run after his son witnessed a murder committed by his boss. He was then torn between being loyal to his boss and saving his own child. But finally he chose to save his own blood. Though he gave his life to protect him, he gave him some great advice and lessons to survive in this world before he died. There was no other man who could do better in that particular role and this performance comes at number 9.

8. A League of Their Own 


The selection of this movie may seem surprising. But trust me, if you have not watched this movie, it's better to watch it now and realize  how Tom Hanks performed in this movie with the very little scope he got to show his ability. It was the growing stage of his career before getting any academy awards  . And he gave his everything in the role where he played the character of Jimmy,an alcoholic ,former star player and coach of a women baseball team. He introduced every little details in the character with great intensity. This movie did not get much attention but Tom Hanks left his mark which is hard to forget.

 7. Big

Big was the life changing movie for Tom Hanks. He won golden globe award in the category of the best performance in leading role
for this movie. "I wish I was big" - a little wish of a little boy turned him into a big man in his twenties. And tom hanks played the role of the big man with the mind of a boy. Tom Hanks gave a very spontaneous and energetic performance in this movie and without any doubt this movie comes at number 7.

 6. The Terminal


This is a typical Tom Hanks movie where he single handedly took the movie to a different level. Tom Hanks played the role of a traveller from the fictional nation of Krakozhia, Viktor Navorski. Due to the sudden outbreak of a civil war in his country his passport was no longer valid in USA. So the airport authorities could not let him enter in USA or send him back to his country. That made him stay at gate number 67 and he made it his home. There was always a language barrier as he didn't speak English. And all these anxiety, fear, strangeness, trouble, screwed up life had been successfully reflected by his superb acting. Being a Steven Spielberg movie there was a high expectation among the viewers. And Tom Hanks didn't make them disappointed.

5. The Green Mile


"The Green Mile" is the film adaptation of the famous novel of the same name by Stephen King. Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) was a prison officer and in charge of death row named the "Green Mile" and the state's electric chair. He met a new inmate, John Coffey, who is accused of murdering two girls. His life changes drastically when he discovers that John has a special gift. John was innocent and still Paul had nothing to do but take the  decision to let him die. Tom Hanks made it so emotional and sentimental that it will make you cry. And his exceptional acting made us to choose this movie at number 5.

4. Philadelphia


Philadelphia was the first main stream hollywood film about AIDS and homosexuality. Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks),a hotshot Philadelphia lawyer who is infected with AIDS keeps his homosexuality hidden from his bosses. When he is suddenly fired, he hires a homophobic lawyer for a wrongful dismissal suit. As we said that it was the first mainstream movie of its kind, Tom Hanks had no example about how to portray the character and instead he set an example for all of us, especially for the actors to follow his footsteps in future. The movie was released in the year of 1993. At that time Tom Hanks was at his best. He could have had any movie he wanted. But he choose that movie from a social point of view. His character died in the end of the movie, but the movie left us with so many questions, we are gradually trying to answer now. This remarkable performance gave him an academy award andcomes at number 4.

3. Saving Private Ryan


 "Saving Private Ryan" is an epic war drama film, often considered to be one of the best films ever made in history. It takes us back to the morning of June 6, 1944. During the Normandy invasion in World War II, Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) is assigned the task to search for a man whose brothers have been killed in war. This movie portrays the harsh reality of war. Mr. Miller was an English teacher and he ended up to be the captain of his squad. Tom Hanks soaked himself in the character and made us realize as if it is happening with someone close to our heart. Being an epic war film there was a strong antiwar message towards the society. And all credits goes to the director, Mr.  Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. This movie gave Mr. Spielberg an academy award for the best director but Tom Hanks missed his well deserved oscar. This great movie comes at number 3.

2. Cast Away


This is an another example where Tom Hanks single handedly made the movie a masterpiece. Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), a FedEx employee, wakes up on a deserted island after his plane crash-lands in the Pacific. He must harness every skill he knows to survive the mental and physical agony of living alone. And there was no other man who could do it better than Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks portrayed the sufferings along with the desire and hope to get back home. And how he personified a volley ball and represented his relationship with that ball make us wonder. This movie was all about Tom Hanks. So it is evident that this movie is all about great acting.  And it comes at number 2 in our list.

1. Forrest Gump 


This movie needs no further introduction as it's undoubtedly one of the best movies of all times. Everyone of us has watched this movie. And may be, this movie coming at number one spot is not surprising at all after an outstanding performance of Tom Hanks. He was at his best in this movie. With a difficult character and an emotional story, he left his mark in the history of the industry. He got his second oscar as the best actor in a leading role for this movie and we got an beautiful piece of art worth to watch a million times.   


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  1. His acting in The Terminal was better than that in Forrest Gump or Saving private Ryan. It should be only comparable to Cast Away in terms of acting by Hanks.