Wednesday, 15 June 2016

10 Must Have Apps For Rooted Android Device

Well, if you've already rooted your android phone or tablet, then you might want to have some apps that can make full use of your device. We assume that your phone is rooted and you are quite sure why
you gained root privileges of your phone. So, here is our list of 10 must have apps for your rooted android device. If your post is unrooted, then don't worry; check our list of 10 such apps for unrooted android devices.

1. SuperSu

For your rooted device, SuperSu is the first app that you will need. SuperSu works as a guardian that monitors your apps while having root access. Well, there are other apps for the job, but SuperSu stands tall in the crowd. Without super user, there is no rooted device. 

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2. Flashify


When you have a rooted device, you might want to flash your phone with new recovery, rom, kernel or some apps. Flashify does the job for you with ease. You don't even have to boot into recovery mode. And for those, who don't like to use adb or fastboot that much, flashify can be your life saver.

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3. System app remover (ROOT)


 Most people root their device because of some kind of storage issues. People get frustrated with the bloat-wares eating up all your space. Well, in that case this app is the best solution for you. Be it some google apps or any useless app that your manufacturer provides, you can uninstall them in no time.

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4. Terminal Emulator for Android


Terminal emulator does the exact job that its name suggests. It is one of the most important apps for android device for a developer as well as normal users. With this app you an access Android's built-in Linux command line shell. Be it a one line script or a bunch of commands this app is really helpful to develop your device. 

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5. Greenify


Ever wondered why your device always runs slow no matter what you do. Well, this time, there is really something you can do about it. Greenify can put apps, running in background, into hibernation mode and that will free a lot of storage or RAM of your device. Don't use any ram booster or any apps like that, use greenify and you will never need anything else.

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6. Root Explorer 


In your rooted android device, you will need a strong file manager. And there is no other app that can be considered before this app. Root explorer doesn't just let you view files from your root directory, it let you modify those files. Be it changing permissions or making modifications in system files, root explorer is ireplacable.

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7. DiskDigger Pro file recovery


Have you deleted some important files accidentally? And now you want those back? Well, something can be done before you think it's impossible. DiskDigger Pro does the job for you. You can give it a try.

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8. Device Control [root]


Now as you have rooted your device, you'd like to do some experiments.  And you can start with CPU tweaks. Device control allows you to control how your cpu works. But use this app only when you know what you are doing.

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9. Root Call Blocker Pro



Those, who want a good call blocker with lots of features, root call blocker is the best option. It does the job silently runs in background. Well, there are several apps available in the market, but this app requires root access, at block the calls or sms in a system level.

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10. Rec. (Screen Recorder)



Ever wanted to record a video of the screen of your device? Well, now you can do that without any command line. Rec. is a simple app that let you record audio or video streams from your device. And you can choose the video duration, resolution etc. If you haven't tried it yet, then just download and use.

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