Thursday, 16 June 2016

Why Skirts are Considered as Uniform for Women in Many Places

Ever wondered why women are made to wear skirts as uniform in many work places? And most of the times you will see them in very short
skirts. You might find a very low number of areas where women are allowed trousers other than skirts.

There is also a chance that a woman would pick up a skirt rather than a trouser if given the chance.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Skirts are Low Maintenance

Skirts don't need much ironing if they are kept folded properly. If you forgot to iron your skirt then you won't hesitate to save a few minutes by wearing the skirt without ironing when you go for work.

2. Saves Time When Dressing

Often skirts are uniform in places where you have to be strictly punctual like schools, airlines, etc. If you are in a hurry then probably a skirt will take lesser time to put on compared to a trouser.

3. They are Easy to Make

Ever wondered how much time and effort is required to make a trouser compared to a skirt? Maybe this is the reason employers prefer to dress their women employees in skirts rather than a trouser.

4. Looks Feminine

Though I am a firm believer of the fact that women do not look any less feminine in trousers. But, surveys show that people do think that skirts look more feminine than trousers. And women do feel good wearing skirts.

5. Commodification

This doesn't apply to academic areas. But, in areas of commercial interests women are made to wear shortest of dresses and skirts to attract clients and customers. This is termed as 'Commodification of Women' where women are used as objects of interest in the name of representatives, flight attendants, advertisers, etc. This has been a practice prevalent in the society for years and still goes on, in-spite of cases where the women report abuse and molestation due to such practices.    

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