Friday, 23 September 2016


fifa 17 free

As the gamers have gone crazy after the release release of the game, we have decided to giveaway FIFA 17 free for pc users. FIFA 17 is the most advanced fifa edition ever
with lots of new features and a revolutionary career mode "The Journey". Though some fifa fans do not like all the changes, like the changes in corner kicks or penalties, but the improvement in free kicks is worth a try. And as we know that this is the first fifa with frosbite engine, graphics is mind blowing and individual as well as surrounding graphics is much better than previous editions. Now, people who can't wait for the game, can click here and buy it from ea, rest of you can follow these steps.

Note : If you skip, miss or do not  follow the order, our system won't be able to finalize your entry. Winner will be announced after two weeks.


  1. plz give it to me I did it with order.

  2. Then you've successfully registered yourself. There will be a lucky draw. Winner will be announced two weeks later.

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