Monday, 12 September 2016

She was denied a table at this famous restaurant in Kolkata because she accompanied her driver

A woman wanted to try out the popular restaurant, Mocambo at Park Street, Kolkata on her last day in Kolkata. It was
a regular Friday around 8.30 in the evening, and taking your driver to a dinner doesn't seem a mistake anywhere in the world. But, to everyone's surprise, this woman received a horrible treatment from the staff of the restaurant who denied her a table because she accompanied a person who did not seem to appear to be 'properly dressed'(though he wore a trouser and shirt) or 'up to the standards' for a 'fine dine restaurant'.
Here is the story of her saddening experience which she took to social media to share.

Another blog (Vagabomb) reached out to the management of Mocambo for their explanation on the above incident. Here is what they had to say:
"The driver was very indecently dressed... Just wearing one pant and shirt, but he was not in proper state. He was having roadside food and just standing, not in proper state of mind. He was not acceptable in our fine dining restaurant. We told her (Dilashi Hemnani) we cannot give her driver a table, but we can give her one. We've such high standard guests coming here, it's a fine dining restaurant, we cannot have such a roadsider coming and sitting here."
"We do not have a dress code. But at least a person should be neat and clean. He was having roadside jhalmuri, walking around and grazing people. That is not acceptable. How could you have a roadsider coming in to your restaurant? This is not a dhaba."
From the above incident, it is quite clear that neither his appearance or his cleanliness was  the reason behind this treatment. But, the mere fact that he didn't qualify to be from an upscale background to the eyes of the staff at the restaurant.
There is one thing I would like to remind to those sitting at the restaurant and judging people by their faces and clothes. This kind of behavior not only questions your credibility of the so called high profile stature of your restaurant. But, also questions the kind of training imparted to your staffs. 

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